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The formation program for students in grade 6-12 through the Prince of Peace Youth Evangelization Ministry is a recurring Saturday event called "Connect". For more info, including dates, read "Connect" Saturdays Information 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I register?

Our registration for all programs and events, including "Connect" is through our online Event Registration System where you simply choose the desired event or program, fill in a few form fields and even pay with a credit card. No paper forms or dropping off checks necessary. If you have an account created previously, login before registering. If you do NOT have an account, one will be created during the registration process. More Info on How to Register

How do I register for Confirmation? 

Confirmation preparation involves a two year commitment. Prince of Peace adheres to the Archdiocesan guidelines and we normally begin our preparation during the 10th grade school year. If your youth did not attend the "Pre-Confirmation" session last year, you need to register for "Pre-Confirmation Connect" regardless of whether your youth is in 10th OR 11th grade. If your youth attended the "Pre-Confirmation Connect" session last year, you need to register for "Confirmation Connect" as long as your youth is in grades 10th, 11th or 12th. There will also be a few requirements and meetings outside of the regularly scheduled "Connect" Saturdays. For all the Confirmation Requirements, read the Confirmation Information page.

My child is already confirmed and in the 12th grade. Is he done with Faith Formation?

Faith Formation is lifelong for any Baptized Catholic so no one is ever done being formed in their faith! Confirmed Seniors should register for "12th Grade Connect" and meet at the same time with some opportunities for ministry as well!