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The first step for preparing your teen for Confirmation is weekly Mass on Sundays and a daily relationship with Jesus. We will be relying on your support of your teen throughout this process! Our teens will be strengthened in their relationship with God and the other teens throughout their participation in Connect, retreats, and the Confirmation Sessions. We look forward to working with you and your teen! 
Confirmation for teens is a two-year process. Teens typically begin the process in the 10th grade (sophomore year), and then receive Confirmation the following year.

 Pre-Confirmation Preparation (year one)
 + 4 Connect Saturdays
 + Retreat
 Confirmation Preparation (year two)
 + 4 Connect Saturdays
 + 5 Confirmation Preparation Sessions

+1 Confirmation Mission Day

+Retreat (if you didn't attend during year one) 

Catholic Private School Teens

Confirmation for teens is a one-year process if they attend Catholic Private High School. Teens can join the process in the 10 or 11th grade and then receive Confirmation that year. These teens are required to participate in all Confirmation preparations (year two), plus a Confirmation retreat. Please see requirements above.

Major components of Confirmation preparation:

Registration for Confirmation Connect automatically includes registration for all componnents of Confirmation prepartion except retreat. Must register for retreat seperately. 

  • Connect: 4 Saturdays full of fun, prayer, small groups, and encountering Jesus. We enroll our teens in faith formation every single year (just like teens go to school every single year.) Connect is an all-day event that ends after 5 pm Mass. 
    • September 21
    • November 16
    • January 11
    • April 4

If for some circumstance your child is not able to attend a Connect Saturday they can make this up by attending 3 Sync nights. Please be sure hey sign in with Valerie Delgado at the end of the Sync night to note they are making up for Confirmation Connect Saturday.

  • Retreats: Prince of Peace Youth Evangelization Ministry offers multiple retreats for high school teens. The retreats are all weekend long (Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon) and include prayer & deepening our relationship with God, talks from teens & adults, fun & games, and opportunities to grow in relationship with the other teens preparing for Confirmation. Teens attend at least one retreat to their Confirmation year. 
    • Challenge Retreat: 2020 dates TBD January & March(teens choose one to attend)
    • Journey Retreat: December 13-15 (registration open until spots are filled)
    • Register for retreats now


  • Confirmation Sessions: teens in their second year participate in 5Confirmation Sessions dedicated to learning, prayer, and discernment about Confirmation. Plus one Confirmation mission day.
    • 5 Sunday afternoon/evenings surrounding the reception of the sacrament of Confirmation. Teens are only allowed to miss 1 and must make-up by attending Sync on Wednesday night. 
    • Nov 10
    • Nov 17
    • Dec 8
    • Dec 15
    • Jan 26


  • Confirmation Day Mission Trip January 5, 2020: More information about this day at parent session. 
    • 1 Sunday Confirmation Mission Day- teens along with their small groups will be sent on a day mission trip through the city of Houston. This fulfill theirs service project requirement for Confirmation. Details to follow.


    • Confirmation Rehearsal: TBD February 2020 
    • Confirmation Mass Last Names Begginging With A-L: TBD February 2020
    • Confirmation Mass Last Names Begginging With M-Z: TBD February 2020

Details & How to Register

Registration for Confirmation Connect opens in July: Click here to register. Teens are invited to join our community at Sync during the summer! We have Sync every Wednesday night from 7:00-9:00 pm in St Pedro's. It's free! Bring a friend. Come hang out with us and sync back with Jesus.

Confirmation Parent Session Monday, October 14, 2019 6:00pm St. Andrews Discipleship Center

Sylvia McDonald is our Confirmation coordinator and will be out on maternity leave. Please bring all your Confirmation questions and concerns to the parent meeting and they will be addressed. 


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