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Event Registration Instructions


  1. If you already have an account LOGIN FIRST
  2. Choose an event or program that is currently open for registration by clicking on the "Register" link
  3. To register multiple people for DIFFERENT events or Connect Grade Levels, fill out "Registrant 1 Information" and then choose "Next" and proceed directly to checkout.
  4. Once you get to the Cart, you'll be able to register for a DIFFERENT event or Connect Grade Level by clicking the "Register for another Event" button.
  5. To register multiple people for the SAME event or program fill out "Registrant 1 Information" and then choose "Add Another to this Event or Same Grade". When all have been added for that event or Connect Grade Level, choose "Done with this Event" and proceed to checkout.
  6. Once all events and programs are added to the Cart, you can pay for everything in one transaction or choose to drop off your payment at a later time. *It is normal to see the parent's name listed in the Cart as the adult who is paying

It seems as though with each new program or event we fill out the same forms again and again. more! We have an Online Registration System that will save your family info and make future registrations quick and easy.

To Register for all Youth Evangelization Ministry Programs and Events you simply login to your account and Register for the desired Program, Event, Retreat, etc. If you don't have an account, you will create one during your registration.

That's it! It's all done online, including liability waiver and payment. No forms or checks necessary! It will make registration much quicker and easier in the future too as once you have created an account, you only need to register for the desired program or event.

*Registering and paying online is the only way to ensure that your spot for a program or event is reserved. If you choose NOT to pay online and instead, choose to drop off your payment at the office, you will have to wait for the Youth Evangelization Ministry Staff to receive it before being registered manually by us. During that time, an event can fill up and you will be placed on the waiting list.

For questions, please Contact Us